About Our Organizer for Car Cleaning Supplies

Our product, the Spill Spoiler, is a portable caddy that can be used to organize your car cleaning and detailing supplies. When developing this product, there were a few priorities in mind: (a) the caddy couldn’t spill, (b) the caddy couldn’t scratch up the paint of a car or any other surface it was set on, and (c) the caddy had to be portable.

This “Ultimate Detailing Caddy” was created by Jim Anderson to create a better solution for detailing his Corvette. The C7 Corvette was designed with the car’s computer in the trunk, and Jim did not want to put detailing products in the trunk for fear of them leaking on the Corvette’s electronic, computerized system. With the only other solutions appearing to be a 5-gallon bucket or a trunk organizer, Jim got to work on finding a solution for himself: the Spill Spoiler.


Our Founder, Jim Anderson, is a veteran and has decided that a percentage of each sale of the Spill Spoiler will be designated for two charities:

#1 – Disabled Veterans (DAV), and

#2 – Suicide Prevention (988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline)