As Jim was getting ready to bring Spill Spoiler to the market, he realized his life experiences had led him to wanting to make an impact far beyond just making it more convenient to clean a vehicle. Jim wanted to help leave a legacy of helping and caring for others. As such, when Spill Spoiler was ready to move from prototype to fully functioning product, he decided that a percentage of each Spill Spoiler sale would be allocated to charities for disabled veterans (DAV) and suicide prevention (988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline). We’re proud to support the following organizations in their missions of enriching lives and helping those who need it the most. If you like to learn more about these organizations, please click the links above and please consider supporting them beyond your Spill Spoiler purchase.


Spill Spoiler was created by inventor Jim Anderson to create a better solution for car care. So, how did it all begin? Well, Jim had a friend who was going for a test drive in a classic Corvette that he was considering purchasing. During that ride, Jim fell in love with the car, so when his friend decided to pass on it, he knew he had to be the one who owned it. He went to the nearest automotive store and purchased detailing products to keep his new baby spotless as any good owner would do. The C7 Corvette was designed with the computer in the trunk. Jim didn’t want to put the products in the trunk for fear of leaking on the computer components and causing damage to the car’s electronic systems. As he went back to numerous automotive stores looking for something to prevent liquids from spilling, he found there was nothing available in the stores or online minus the standard, cheap cleaning pails so many have come to use to carry their car cleaning products. It was at that moment Jim realized there must be a better solution, even if he had to make it himself. Over the years Spill Spoiler evolved from a cardboard cut-out, to a fully thought out design, to a prototype, to the final product you see today. Spill Spoiler was designed using a low center of gravity and specialized rubber stabilizers to ensure the car cleaning caddy would never tip over, and he created patented wells that would fit any bottle meaning no matter the brand or size, Spill Spoiler would be a person’s one-stop solution for all their car cleaning needs. 

Jim grew up in Fargo, ND during the 40s and 50s with two older brothers and a younger sister who tragically passed away far too soon after a brave battle with cancer. Much like many young men, Jim idolized his father as they, “shared a talent of looking at things with a third dimension” as he puts it. Later on in life, he’d find this skill particularly useful during his time as an inventor. After graduating from high school in 1965, Jim worked at St. Luke’s Hospital in Fargo, ND while attending North Dakota State University studying pre-med. His mother had also been victim of cancer which drew him to the medical field with the goal of helping others in need. It was around this time that Jim decided to serve his country by enlisting in the United States Air Force as a medic. After four years of service, he was certified as a phsyician’s assitant in the state of New York. Eventually, Jim found that he missed his Midwestern roots and decided to move to Minneapolis, MN in order to pursue a job in the private sector when he began working with a company that maintained townhomes and condominiums. This was the beginning of a career in landscaping and nursery management that lasted for the next 20 plus years.

In 1994 while he was managing a nursery, water gardening became a popular pastime. He began looking for products to sell to his customers that would relieve some of the required care for their gardens. Filtration was a major issue. Pump manufactures typically imported filters from overseas that were inadequate. Relying on his father’s DNA, he designed the only pressurized filter on the market. It had the ability to clear the algae in suspension to the extent it could guarantee, “no more green water.” This began Jim’s career as an inventor as he designed and patented several products for the water gardening industry. PONDFiltration, Inc. was formed and Jim began distributing their products throughout the US in national retail stores like Lowe’s, Menards and other smaller retail locations. PFI was sold in 2016 and the company still exists today.